Rahim pardesi

YouTube content creator, Rahim Pardesi, also known as Nasreen, revealed that he has two wives, that no one knew. He is a famous YouTube content creater from Pakistan. Famous for his funny character of Nasreen.

Rahim Pardesi Two wives

Rahim Pardesi told everyone in his video that he have married twice. In a recent vlog, He introduced his complete family.

His first wife is Sumera with her he has three children. Sumera and Rahim Pardasi have been married for about 11 years.

rahim pardesi wife

His second wife is an otolaryngologist, her name is Somia.

rahim pardesi wife

Rahim Pardesi and Somia are going to become parents soon they are expecting their first child together.

In his Youtube video he clarified that he is in no way promoting two marriages, and that our situation was unique.

Here is the video.

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