There are currently 20 countries in Africa where citizens with low-ranked passports, such as citizens from Pakistan can get visa on arrival. Africa is a beautiful continent with varying terrain from deserts to mountains, to forests. The cultures are beautiful and unique.

Africa is rapidly developing and becoming a great area of the world to visit. Citizens from Pakistan for example can easily get visas for the following countries in Africa: Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Togo, Comoros, Madagascar, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Cape Verde, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Djibouti, Somalia, Lesotho, and Guinea-Bissau.

Some of these countries are very poor and have tourism industries that are only just beginning, while others are much more established and ready for tourists and tourism. Read on to find out more about visiting five spectacular countries in Africa: Nigeria, Malawi, Cape Verde, Seychelles, and Kenya:

Nigeria – Pre Visa on Arrival


Nigeria is the most populated nation in all of Africa. It is a great destination where you can visit malls, caves, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, and parks. You can also experience wildlife and visit forests, or attend carnival. Nigerian food is famous throughout the world, especially Nigerian rice “Jollof”. The best time to visit Nigeria is between November and March. That is known as their dry season. Nigeria offers pre-visas on arrival to Pakistan passport holders.

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Malawi – Visa on Arrival


Malawi is a beautiful country in West Africa. Visit Malawi to experience wildlife, culture, safaris, bird-watching, and visit their beautiful lakes. Dry season (April, May to October/November) is the best time to visit Malawi. The food is delicious with many fish dishes and Western dishes as well. English is an official language, so communication should be easy. Bargaining is expected, so shop till you drop! Malawi offers 90 day visa on arrival to Pakistani passport holders.

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Cape Verde – Visa with Pre-Enrollment

Cape Verde

Visit the beautiful islands of Cape Verde. Hiking, diving, sailing, mountain biking, surfing, and nightclubs await. The weather is sunny with pleasant temperatures most days of the year. The perfect time to visit is between November and June. You can enjoy the sandy beaches and bird watch. The food is delicious and fresh with local fruits and vegetables. Their national dish is called a type of stew called Cachupa. Cape Verde offers visas Pakistani passport holders when they complete pre-enrollment.

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Seychelles – Visa with Tourist Registration


The beautiful islands of the Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean providing easy access to low-ranked passport countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. Friendly citizens, tropical beaches, sunny warm weather all entice tourists to visit the country. The island of Mahe has the most hotels, beaches, and tourist facilities in all the islands. Snorkeling is a very popular tourist activity, as well as hiking, and deep sea fishing. You can also visit the casino. The weather is tropical and warm. The best time to visit is April, May, October and November. Seychelles offers 90 day visas for Pakistani visa holders with tourist registration.

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Kenya – Visa on Arrival


Kenya boasts itself of being the birthplace of the safari. Indeed, going on a safari in Kenya will bring you face to face with lions, elephants, rhinos, and other wild animals. You can go diving, swim with the dolphins, deep sea fishing, golfing, camel racing, and white-water rafting. You can also go to the beach. English is an official language, so communication should be easy for tourists. There are already many foreigners living in Kenya. Kenya offers a 90 day visa on arrival for Pakistani passport holders.

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