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Two countries in South America offer visa on arrival to several countries with lower ranking passports including Pakistan and Afghanistan: Bolivia and Suriname. Visitors to South America should visit both if given the opportunity since they are very different and both offer visa on arrival.

Bolivia – Visa on Arrival


Bolivia is a beautiful country of over 11 million people. It is an excellent place to travel to, and luckily they offer visa on arrival. Spanish is the official language. During your stay in Bolivia, you can visit the largest salt flat on the planet. Take a trip down the Worlds Most Dangerous Road. Go fishing in the Amazon river. Traditional food is spicy and yummy with meat, corn, potatoes, rice, beans, and quinoa.

visa on arrival

Bolivia is very affordable. For around $40 dollars a day, you can eat, travel, and shop comfortably. You can eat delicious food in a central mercado for only $1.

The wildlife in Bolivia is diverse and plentiful. Do a walking tour of the capital, La Paz and experience the local culture. Visit during Oruro Carnaval and witness the fun and excitement. The scenery is amazing with pink mountains, and beautiful lakes.

The best time to visit Bolivia is during the dry season. The dry season is lasts between April and October. The weather is cold at night though.

Top Tourist Destinations:

Worlds Most Deadly Road – Yungas Road – 90 km of road that start in Bolivia’s capital La Paz and end in Corocio. You can take a cycling adventure down this road.

Isla de Sol – Lake Titicaca, a beautiful area filled with archeological ruins. A sacred area where most spots can only be reached by foot. There is also a beautiful beach to see. The best time to visit is May to September.

Kaa Iya National Park – The largest park in Bolivia. Visit this park to see jaguars, pumas, tapirs, monkeys, birds, and other animals roam free.

Bolivia offers visa on arrival to many countries including, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Iran, and India.

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Suriname – eVisa


Suriname is the smallest country in all of South America. It is an interesting country that offers visa on arrival. Most of the country is covered with rain forests. Most tourists come to Suriname to witness wildlife and the rain forests. You can also experience modern cities and fantastic nightlife. Since it is a very small country, it does not take long to travel from city to nature.

The best time to visit Suriname is during their dry seasons, August to November, and February to April. Although Dutch is the official language, English is also widely spoken in Suriname.

Top Tourist Destinations:

Paramaribo is the spot to explore the architecture of Suriname and indulge in the nightlife.

The Central Suriname Nature Reserve is the biggest rain-forest reserve in the country. You can see over 5000 different plants and animals species there including armadillos, jaguars, and many species of primates. Visiting this park is difficult, but once there the rewards cannot be matched.

Travel down the Coppename river by bike or by boat and see countless varieties of birds and a spectacular waterfall called the Raleigh Falls. Visit a sugar plantation called Laarwijk, which can only be accessed by boat.

The Galibi Nature Reserve is another excellent spot to view wildlife especially sea turtles. From April through August, turtles come and lay eggs on the beach. You can get there with the help of a tour operator.

Brownsberg Nature Reserve and Brokopondo includes a wild and fabulous jungle area and a peak which is 400 meters high. Bird-watching is a popular tourist event in this area. You can also see many species of wildlife in Brokopondo. You can get there by booking a tour or by driving if you have a 4×4 off road vehicle.

Suriname offers eVisas to many countries including: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Iran, India

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